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Proficiency Testing


LabStats is OCWA's upgraded inter-lab program, designed to comply with Proficiency Testing requirements under ISO 17043:2010, for evaluation of respiratory viruses in wastewater matrices.

December 2020

Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation, and Parks (MECP) retains Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) to develop and implement an ongoing inter-lab program to support its Wastewater Surveillance Initiative (WSI) 

April - August 2021

OCWA develops technical guidance (Protocol for Evaluation of RT-qPCR Performance Characteristics) to align

performance criteria for WSI laboratories

Protocol for Evaluations of RT-qPCR Performance Characteristics

January 2022

OCWA's validated sample splitting method published in ASCE's Journal of Environmental  Engineering; 

Protocol updates released

Journal of Environmental Engineering

August 2022

OCWA contributes to Royal Society of Canada's Policy Briefing "Wastewater Surveillance for SARS-CoV-2 in Canada"  

Royal Society of Canada Wastewater Surveillance Expert Panel

Summer 2020

Canadian Water Network (CWN) leads the first inter-lab study for COVID-19 wastewater surveillance in Canada

Canadian Water Network Inter-Lab

January - February 2021

First samples collected and distributed to inter-lab participants

November 2021

Omicron pandemic wave overwhelms COVID-19 clinical testing capacity in Ontario and many jurisdictions worldwide

July 2022

Inter-lab services expanded to serve Canadian wastewater surveillance laboratories with the support of Public Health Agency of Canada National Microbiology Laboratory (PHAC-NML), was born

March 2024

OCWA applies to Standards Council of Canada (SCC) for accreditation as an ISO 17043:2010 certified Proficiency Testing Provider, was born

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